Metta World Peace Describes How A 15-Year-Old LeBron Was Outmatched By A 38-Year-Old Jordan After Scrimmage Photo Goes Viral

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The world is desperately searching for something of substance to fill the deep, dark basketball-less world we are currently imprisoned in.

Last week, one photo gave us hope.

It’s been one full week and there is still no video evidence of two of the greatest players dueling it out at opposite ends of their careers. Like a really promising thumbnail of a porno you can’t click on. Sad.

Instead, we must rely on the verbal recollection of those in attendance.

Metta World Peace Ron Artest is one of the few NBA players who witnessed LeBron James as a 15-16 year-old kid, observing the first shiny glimmers of greatness in offseason scrimmages.

In lieu of video footage, Artest described how a 15-year-old LeBron fared against a 38-year-old Jordan.

“LeBron at 15-years old was killing it. But nobody at that age could give MJ a run for his money. MJ would have averaged 35 if I didn’t break his ribs. He averaged 25 and he had to sit out 3 months…at 38 years old. LeBron was definitely killing it. He was big and strong and they couldn’t guard him.”

It shouldn’t be surprising that the greatest player ever, even at 38, would toy with a child.

But, as Artest has claimed previously, LeBron was a horse of a different color even before the whole world knew his name. He described how LeBron “embarrassed” then-current NBA players like Jerry Stackhouse and Michael Finley during a scrimmage so badly that Artest committed a FOOF (Foul Out Of Frustration).

[Michael] Finley was in there. Stackhouse was in there. A young LeBron was in there. Woo. Young LeBron was in there.

I gave him a forearm on a fast break. He was cookin’. He was cookin’ everybody. Nobody could guard him. It was LeBron James. They couldn’t guard him.

And I’m like, ‘It doesn’t matter, he’s embarrassing us.’

So he’s coming down full speed, and I go [gestures with forearm]. He gets up and starts cookin’ more. He’s just touuugh. He was about 225 at that time. But I remember him just being tough.

At this point of the quarantine, I think I’ve watched every High School LeBron highlight clip, and I highly suggest you do the same.

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