Michael Jordan Says That Russell Westbrook Is The Closest Thing We Have To His Second Coming In The League

I think it’s pretty fair to say that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. There are plenty of players who are close, but I would argue that no one has truly become the embodiment of basketball perfection quite like Jordan. And, ever since he retired, the conversation has inevitably veered towards, “Who is the next Jordan?” Given the current landscape of players, it could really be anyone. It could have been Kobe, maybe LeBron, potentially Curry. Well, in an interview with Complex, Jordan finally weighed in on who he thinks the closest player in the league right now is to him. And it’s actually¬†Russell Westbrook.

Via Complex:

“Thirty years ago, that’s me. The attitude, trying to prove myself, showing so much passion for the game of basketball. You see it in his play. You can tell he loves the game, he plays with energy and flair.”

Shit. That’s some high goddamn praise. If the guy says you’re like him, then you’re like him. I’m not discounting Jordan here. Westbrook was by far and away one of the most dominant players in the league last year. However, the diction Jordan chooses is interesting. He seems to hint that Westbrook is a player like him in style and personal motivation. Westbrook wants to win as much as he wants to breathe. So did Jordan. This is an especially interesting comment coming in hot after Westbrook was left hanging by Durant a few weeks ago. Honestly, this will probably put some hot coals in Westbrook’s underpants. You can’t be compared the greatest ever and then underperform. What if he takes it back? That’d be fucking embarrassing. Especially since the NBA already jumped the gun and made a mashup mixtape highlighting the comparisons between Jordan and Westbrook.

You’re in too deep now, Westbrook.