Michael Jordan’s Mom Got Mad At Him For Smoking A Cigar During ‘The Last Dance’ That’s Why We Haven’t Seen Him Smoking In The Most Recent Episodes

michael jordan smoking cigar the last dance


There has been no shortage of high-quality, never before seen footage of Michael Jordan and the ’98 Bulls throughout the first six episodes of ‘The Last Dance.’ Outside of the actual in-game footage, and even some of the off-court videos, people have been interested in three things when it comes to Jordan’s actual present-day, sit-down interviews throughout the series.

Folks have been wondering about MJ’s yellow eyes, what he was drinking throughout the first two episodes and the cigar he was caught chewing and smoking on during episode one.

His yellow eyes could be due to a jaundice infection, alcohol consumption over the years, or genetic. As for the drink, we’ve since figured out that he was sipping on his very own tequila in a very expensive glass. However, when it comes to the cigar nobody knows where the hell it’s gone.

Jason Hehir, the director of the documentary, joined The Jalen & Jacoby Aftershow and explained the interview process for the documentary while also revealing why we only saw the cigar during the first episode.

It turns out that the answer to the cigar disappearance is a rather simple one, MJ’s mom, Deloris Jordan, wasn’t a fan of it.

“He couldn’t have a cigar on set because his mom got mad at him. And he said, ‘I can’t have the cigars today because my mom got mad at me because she saw me smoking a cigar,'” Hehir explained.

That’s right, even the 57-year-old GOAT has to listen to his mom.

What’s interesting about his mom’s opinion is Jordan is seen smoking many cigars throughout the documentary whether it be after a game or on the golf course, but I guess if Deloris wants to put her foot down in present-day then Deloris is going to put her foot down.

So, don’t be surprised if you don’t see a cigar or drink sitting beside Jordan during any of the remaining four episodes of ‘The Last Dance.’