Michael Phelps Doing The Finger Wag After Winning His 20th Gold Medal Is Last Night’s Olympics Must See Moment

Michael Phelps made history last night winning his 20th and 21st gold medals. He was already the most decorated athlete in Olympics history but now he has just two less gold medals (21) than the host country Brazil has ever won at the Summer Olympics (23), and Michael Phelps has now won more gold medals than Argentina, Mexico, Iran, Ireland, Portugal, or North Korea. He’s a fucking KING amongst men, and after winning 21 gold medals he’s gotten really, really, ridiculously good at celebrating his wins.

If you weren’t watching Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky dominate the pool last night I’m not sure you can consider yourself a true red-blooded, card-carrying American. Celebrating our top athletes beating communist China and socialist Europe is as American as football and apple pie. If they gave out gold medals for rubbing our accomplishments in the faces of the world the United States of America would have an undefeated streak going in Gold, and the same goes for our athletes as you can see above. The Internet also ripped Chad le Clos apart after he failed to medal in his race against Phelps.

For my part I just like to sing the praises of our athletes on Twitter:

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