Michigan’s Spike Albrecht Took A Pregame Beer Pong Shot Before Beating Ohio State

Spike Albrecht solidified his status as a major Bro when he came out of nowhere to score 17 first-half points in a national championship game and then hit up Kate Upton on Twitter.

And he’s done nothing since then to put that status in question.

A surprisingly stellar career later, the sharpshooter is still doing the things college kids should do.

Like tossing ping pong balls into a fan’s novelty hat minutes before a rivalry game.

Spike’s dry run clearly helped his game, as he scored 16 points and dished out five assists in the Wolverines’ win over Ohio State.

Hopefully he then went out and kicked some coed’s ass in beer pong. Gotta think he’s pretty good at it.

[H/T: @jasonteno]