Mike Golic Says He’s Not Retiring, Comments On Rumor Of Why ESPN Pushed Him Out Of Morning Radio

mike golic not retiring espn

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Earlier this year, ESPN announced a number of changes set to be made to its radio lineup that would take effect in August. One of the changes included ‘Golic and Wingo’ being replaced by a new morning radio show hosted by Jay Williams, Keyshawn Johnson, and Zuban Mehenti meaning Mike Golic’s 22-year-run on ESPN radio would come to an end.

Well, Monday was the day that Johnson, Williams, and Mehenti officially took over the morning airwaves on ESPN Radio. Despite Golic’s time on-air coming to a close, he jumped on Twitter on Monday morning to wish the three guys replacing him good luck on their new journey.

People immediately shot over questions to Golic about his future and he was quick to say that while he may not know exactly what the future holds, he’s not retiring from the sports media world just yet. He’s set to do college football work for ESPN if we do indeed have games this fall.

Golic’s wife, Christine, told people on Twitter weeks ago that Golic had no plan of retiring after his contract at ESPN ran out either. She also said that he pitched the network a ‘Mike & Mike’ reunion show, but there weren’t any takes.

While it would be strange to see Golic work somewhere other than ESPN, maybe that’s a move he’s going to have to make if the network doesn’t want to offer him a new contract.

Some people believe that it was Mike Golic Jr. who actually had an impact on his dad not being a part of ESPN Radio anymore. Golic Jr. is a popular personality at ESPN as well and likely much cheaper to keep around than his father. Golic responded to a person’s statement about that rumor:

August 17 was the start of the new radio lineup at ESPN and back on July 31, Golic and his entire family jumped on the set of ‘Golic and Wingo’ to deliver a very emotional farewell for the broadcasting hall of famer.