ESPN’s Mike Greenberg Lays Into LeBron James For Why He Unfollowed Cavs On Social Media

by 2 years ago


ESPN’s Mike Greenberg is one of my all-time favorite sports guys, as he often tells it like it is without being over-the-top or annoying like Skip Bayless and/or Stephen A. Smith. And, as a Cavs fan, I can tell you that I respect what Greeny said this morning on his podcast, Mike & Mike.

During a segment about LeBron James and the news that he unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter and Instagram yesterday, Greenberg laid into James, calling him out as an attention hog who is seeking some love from fans because everyone’s been talking about the Warriors and Spurs so much this year, and not LeBron and his Cavs.

Greenberg does make a solid point, as LeBron has ALWAYS been the talk of the town since he was in high school, so this is probably true—especially since James went with the classic, “No comment” route when asked about things after his team’s game last night.

Look, who cares about who James is and isn’t following on social media. And if it’s attention he’s truly looking for, as Greenberg attests, winning a title in Cleveland will make him a legend that will get all but make him the fucking Mayor of the city, so go do that instead, Bron Bron.


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