Mike Leach Offends People With OCD, The State Of California, And Analyzes A Mascot Fight, All In One Day

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Mike Leach Offends People With OCD The State Of California


Mike Leach, National Treasure, held his usual Monday press conference and the Washington State head coach, as he always does when speaking to the media, put on a show.

This week, Leach delved into California’s proposed Fair Pay to Play Act which would allow student-athletes in the state to be treated similarly to Olympic athletes who get to make money from endorsements and the use of their name and likeness.

Spoiler: he’s not for it.

“The state of California has trouble keeping their streets clean right now, so my thought is that they probably ought to focus on that,” said Leach. “That’s just one guy’s opinion and I’m sure that I’m probably wrong, but at the rate that California is handling their infrastructure and some of their other problems, you know, I think that we’ll see how they do with that before I really think it would be that beneficial for the legislature of California to enter into college football.”

LOLeach, amirite?

He did go on to bring up some good points such as how allowing this to happen could only add to the recruiting advantage some schools already have.

“Are we going to have a draft? Are we going to have trading? Are we going to have free agency? How far does all this stuff go?” Leach asked. “I think we ought to be careful with that, or maybe we ought to just have minor league football.”

Good stuff, right? Leach was just getting started.

Another topic Leach decided to hit upon during his presser was the subject of mascots (again). More specifically, Leach analyzed which Pac-12 mascot would win in a fight.

Of course, he thinks his Cougar would hold its own, but don’t sleep on the Trojan or Ute if have access to weaponry, or Arizona State’s Sun Devil.

“The cougar will find a way. It’s clear-minded and crafty, a combination of ‘stay out of harm’s way’ and attack when you get your chances or your openings,” Leach said about his team’s mascot.

But he saved his best analysis for the Sun Devil.

“What kind of mythical powers does a Sun Devil have? We gotta consider that,” said Leach, before adding, “You’d have to get one of those Harry Potter activists to read up on how you kill a Sun Devil, because there’s a lot of outside stuff there.”

But wait, there’s more.

After finishing his press conference, Leach headed to Twitter where he answered those who were offended that he tweeted a meme making a joke about OCD on Sunday. (Mike Leach tweets memes now. THIS Mike Leach… Yes, THIS ONE.)

Everyone… you’ve been warned.

Never change, coach. Never change.

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