Mike Leach Makes Hilarious Innuendo About Having A ‘Small Package’ When Talking About His Air Raid Offense At SEC Media Days

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Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach was one of the more entertaining coaches at SEC Media Days on Tuesday. That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise if you’ve followed college football over the last few seasons.

The former Texas Tech and Washington State coach has offered interesting insights on a variety of different topics, ranging from loudest venues to running for Senate, dating, and Halloween.

Leach’s imagination stretches far, which has helped him to design one of the most successful air raid offenses in college football. And that imagination often comes with a corky sense of humor. On Tuesday, we saw just that.

While standing at the podium for SEC Media Days, the Bulldog leader made a hilarious innuendo comparing his offensive attack to a certain male region. Take a listen.

Mike Leach makes innuendo about ‘package size’ at SEC Media Days

When asked about his offensive philosophy, Leach said he always removes something from his air raid attack when installing a new concept.

His reasoning for this?

“You’re better off having too small of a package than too big of one.”

We’re assuming that this is his way of saying he likes to keep things simple for the coaches and players. Having too big a playbook can be overwhelming, while focusing on a few main concepts can allow you to perfect the key points.

But the presentation is brilliant.

And of course, there were a few comical responses to the quip.



Small package, big win for Mike Leach at SEC Media Days.

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