Watch Nebraska Football Head Coach Mike Riley Surprise His Players With Tickets To Kendrick Lamar

The Nebraska Cornhuskers open their 2017/2018 college football season against Arkansas State, but things get real in a hurry when they face off against the Oregon Ducks in week 2. Summer practices can be excruciating. Players are pushed to their limits in the brutal Summer sun and whipped into shape after lounging in the off season.

Nebraska Head Coach Mike Riley probably has some high expectations for his team this season. He’s been trying to extract every last ounce of effort during Summer practices and that takes a toll on the body. In order to show his players that he’s not all business, Mike Riley surprised everyone with tickets to Kendrick Lamar during a team meeting:

Without even looking at the Pinnacle Bank Arena schedule I can confidently say that Kendrick Lamar is the hottest concert of the Summer to grace that arena. Being the head football coach in a town that lives for college football has its perks, and Mike Riley flexed his local influence by hooking his players up with the hottest ticket of the year. It would be downright impossible for a normal person, someone like you or me, to score that many tickets to this concert but Mike Riley’s no normal individual. (h/t CBS Sports)