Sixers Forward Mike Scott Accused Of Being Worse Than The ‘Drake Curse’ And I’m A Believer After Seeing The Pics

Mike Scott Philadelphia 76ers

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Since my beloved Tampa Bay Lightning got swept by Columbus in the 1st Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs after posting 128 points in the regular season and tying the NHL record for 62 Wins in a season I’ve probably gone through all Five Stages of Grief on the Kübler-Ross model.

First came Denial (1), I was in disbelief that the best team the NHL had seen in years was somehow swept from the playoffs before I even had a chance to go to a post-season game this year. Then came Anger (2). After that was Bargaining (3), I tried to tell myself that it was a good thing the Lightning lost because I could focus on being a good father to my 4-week old son who was born days before the playoffs began. The (4) next stage is Depression, I might’ve skipped that one. And the last stage of grief is Acceptance (5), I’ve moved on, or I’ve at least told myself that I’ve moved on from these stupid ass playoffs…until now.

There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for why the Tampa Bay Lightning got swept until I came across this Twitter thread earlier that explained everything. A lot of fuss gets made about the ‘Drake Curse’. Drake shows up to a game wearing a team’s gear. That team is always a heavy favorite. Then the team loses because Drake is the ULTIMATE BANDWAGON FAN (Justin Bieber’s pretty bad too) and he carries the curse with him, or so the legend goes.

Using a few tweets as examples, I’ll present the case that Philadelphia 76ers Forward Mike Scott is actually the carrier of the curse. Every NHL Division Winner from the 2018-2019 regular season is out of the playoffs after the first round and it’s no coincidence that Mike Scott wore their jerseys. This man is bad luck and he needs to be stopped.

Tampa out:

Calgary out:

The Islanders swept the Penguins. Here’s Mike Scott rocking yet another jersey of a team that got knocked out:

Jets out:

The Dallas Stars knocked out Nashville. What’s Mike Scott’s role in all of this?

The Bruins bounced the Leafs in another Game 7 between those two teams. Mike Scott obviously had a hand in Toronto’s loss.

But what about the Las Vegas Golden Knights? Surely, if it’s a 100% genuine curse there has to be a photograph of Mike Scott wearing a Knights jersey, right?

Unfortunately, there’s no proof that Mike Scott owns or has ever worn a Vegas jersey.

I wouldn’t buy into this conspiracy if these were soccer kits/jerseys which are made from super comfortable material and are generally pretty stylish but he’s wearing an NHL jersey before every game? Those things feel like the beat up polyester blanket with cigarette holes that your grandma’s had in her guest room since the 1970s. They’re not soft, they’re scratchy, and I guess they fit well if you’re an NBA player but they’re generally enormous and not meant to be worn without pads.

Is he carrying a curse? That remains to be seen. If Philly can win it all this season then I don’t think we can comfortably claim that a pro basketball player who just won a championship is cursing teams from winning a championship, but if Philly fizzles out in spectacular fashion then the curse discussion deserves a revisiting.

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