Salty Toronto Fans Blamed Justin Bieber And His ‘Curse’ For The Maple Leafs’ Game 7 Loss

Toronto Fans Blamed Justin Bieber 'Curse' For Maple Leafs' Game 7 Loss

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Man, if only celebrities would stay the hell away from attending Toronto Maple Leafs playoff games the team might actually have a shot at winning their first Stanley Cup since the 1966-67 NHL season. You know, back when the NHL still only had six teams.

First, we had Drake bringing his legendary bad mojo to Scotiabank Arena on Wednesday night for Game 4 of the series versus the Boston Bruins. Which, of course, as Alabama fans could have predicted, ended in the Leafs losing 6 to 4.

Then, lo and behold, who should show up to TD Garden in Boston on Tuesday for the deciding Game 7? None other than Drake’s number one competition for biggest sports cooler, Justin Bieber.

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Of course, with this Drake-Bieber double-whammy, the Maple Leafs’ fate was secured, and the team was eliminated from the NHL Playoffs after losing to the Bruins 5 to 1.

Maple Leafs fans, as well as a few Bruins fans (and even one player, David Pastrnak), were more than aware that Bieber was in the house Tuesday night and had no problem expressing their thoughts regarding his presence.

Stop being so rational, people! Don’t you know how sports works? Sheesh!

Maybe if Drake and Bieber watched the Maple Leafs TOGETHER at the same time, then their curses would repel one another? You know, like when you try to put two magnets together the wrong way?

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Food for thought, Toronto. Food for thought.

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