Mike Shanahan Compares Kirk Cousins To John Elway And He Had To Be Stoned, Right?

After compiling a 24-40 record as head coach of the Washington Redskins from 2010-13, you would think that Mike Shanahan would just want to rid himself of any and all association with the franchise—especially when you consider he had to deal with the joke of an owner that is Daniel Snyder.

However, when Shanny went on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. today, he continued to talk about his former team—which isn’t where his fault came.

No, Shanahan’s mistake was that he told hosts Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier this about current Skins starter Kirk Cousins:

“I remember just being with [John] Elway his first year, or Steve Young, and you take a look at their touchdown-interception ratios — you’re talking about Hall of Fame quarterbacks — and actually Kirk’s statistics are better than theirs.”

Shanahan does remember that Elway was the top overall pick in the stacked 1983 draft and one of the most desired athletes in the history of sports, right? Apparently he forgot.

It’s important to note that the former Skins coach was the one who drafted Kirk Cousins out of Michigan State exactly 100 spots AFTER Robert Griffin III—with whom the front-office bet the future on to draft second overall in 2012.

Still, to suggest that Cousins has the guile and talent of a future Hall of Famer and is worth even mentioning in the same breath as one of the best to ever play the position is about as crazy as you or I thinking that we have a legit shot to bang a pornstar. Sorry to burst your bubble, bro, it ain’t happening.

Shanahan continued by adding that Cousins has been the beneficiary of an improved running game, saying this:

“You’ve got to make a commitment to run the ball, and when you run the ball 37 times two games in a row, not only do you get a chance to put a little pressure on your offensive line, as well as your running backs and your wide receivers—because people see that you’re very committed—but it does take a little pressure off the quarterback, where he’s not going against all different types of coverages.

And I think that will really benefit Kirk for the games to come.”

Bro, EVERY quarterback is better with a running game, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be fitted for a bust in Canton because of that.

He might have two Super Bowl rings with Elway and knows more about quarterbacks than I do, but Mike Shanahan can’t possibly believe his own words in comparing the two.

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