Mike Trout’s Record-Breaking Contract Has The Internet Blowing Up With Bryce Harper, Phillies Jokes

Mike Trout's Contract Spawns Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies Jokes

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Mike Trout’s record-breaking 12-year, $430 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels has people Twitter tripping over themselves in the rush to make Bryce Harper and Philadelphia Phillies jokes.

That’s because suddenly Harper’s 13-year, $330 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies doesn’t seem as impressive. Amazing, right? But it’s true.

$430 million is just over 30 percent more than $330. Plus, Trout’s annual salary of $35.83 million is over 41 percent more per season than Harper’s $25.38 million.

Trout’s deal actually is a 10-year contract extension for $362 million, plus the $68 million the Angels already owe him for the next two seasons. Semantics, I know.

In fairness, and without much debate, Trout is definitely the superior player of the two, but sheesh, $10 million more a year than Harper?

Also, so much for all that Bryce Harper collusion talk, huh?

(Also, did MLB The Show know since January that Harper was going to the Phillies? But I digress.)

Anyhoo, because we will never have any idea what making that kind of money is like, and we’re all a bit spiteful about it, Twitter has been in overdrive with Bryce Harper jokes.

Some highlights…


And on and on it goesbecause we’re all very petty and jealous.

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