Mike Tyson Is Joining The Writer’s Union Of Russia—Becauth A Thecond Cold War Totally Ithnt Coming

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is reportedly joining the venerable Writer’s Union of Russia, because why the hell not? It’s not like we’re currently in an increasingly alarming standoff with them right now.

Depending upon the source, because Russia hates to be straight forward, he’s either applied to join or he’s been invited to become a member.

The Moscow Times (an English translated news source) is reporting:

U.S. former boxer Mike Tyson may soon have another accolade to go alongside his heavyweight world boxing belt after being invited to join the Union of Russian Writers.

The athlete, who recently penned the autobiography “Tyson: Undisputed Truth,” will be inducted in absentia into the writers’ union ahead of a November visit to the Russian capital, promoter Vladimir Khryunov was cited as saying Wednesday by the TASS news agency.

And on the flip side, one of Russia’s state influenced news outlets ‘NewsRU’ is reporting:

In the Writers’ Union of Russia received the documents for entry into the organization of the world of boxing legend Mike Tyson. These included autobiographical book odious athlete “Tyson. Ruthless Truth”, the presentation of which will soon be held in Moscow.

“I, in accordance with the procedure gave the Union of Writers of Russia the work itself, handed application of Mike Tyson and now in the near future will bring the reign of Vladimir Boyarinov where they will consider the work itself and the application. The timing when the decision will be, I can not say anything because it is not my hierarchy, but the procedure is launched, “- said Hryunov RIA “Novosti”.

Yes, I know that translation is miserable. But I don’t speak Russian and Google Translate isn’t flawless (yet).

The glaring question here though is why the hell would Iron Mike want to join Moscow’s Writer’s Union? Am I missing something? Is joining the Union of Russian Writers the Red equivalent of making it on Oprah’s Book Club list, or the NYT Best Sellers? I cannot imagine an end game here that doesn’t involve more sales, but then again I’m wrong about most things in life.

The fact remains though that Mike Tyson now has ties to Russia, at a time in which a second Cold War isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Putin appears to have lost the pep in his step, and it looks like stirring up shit is the only way to get people back on his side…so that’s where we’re headed.

Myself, I love to liken this to the Dennis Rodman-North Korea situation, and I dream of a world in which Mike Tyson will be our official ambassador to Russia…..In a distant future where all diplomatic ties are cut off with Russia, the man who once bit off an ear in the ring, he’ll be the only man allowed through the gates in to Russia. Upon arrival he’ll spar (and lose) against Putin, followed by a Tyson lecture on why racing pigeons should be allowed in to the Olympic Games…all of this leading to outright war between the East and West over animal rights opposition and our Western disgust for pigeons. It could happen.


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