Watch A Star-Struck Miley Cyrus Ask J.R. Smith What He’s Doing After The Game

Miley Cyrus evidently took a liking to oft-troubled Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith after his Cavaliers pulled out a win over her New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. J.R. finished with 13 points on 5 of 11 field goal shooting, which was apparently impressive enough for Miley, who beelined it to the Cavs guard after the game.

“J.R. Smith always loved playing in New York…for a variety of reasons.”

What a score for J.R. Just hours after news broke that he’s being sued for $2.5 million after allegedly choking a teen after refusing to take a picture with him, he’s awarded with a freaky pop star trying to get it in.

Usually Smith needs to try much harder. *Harder-ish. Never forget back in 2013 when a chick slid into J.R.’s Twitter DMs and he wooed her with his elegant and charming ways.

What pipe, you ask?

Yo Miley, you got a death wish? I’ve jumped off diving boards shorter than that thing.

Here’s what you could be in for.

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