Maurice Jones-Drew Did A Superb Job Of Reenacting Tom Brady’s GQ Shoot

Tom Brady MJD football is their baby

NFL Network analyst and former Jaguars star, Maurice Jones-Drew, took the liberty of reenacting Tom Brady’s insatiable GQ photoshoot that spread like wild fire earlier today. After all, the Patriots QB was crowned “Man of the Year.” But you wouldn’t be crazy to say MJD gave him a run for his money.

So who wore it best and, possibly of more significance, who sold it best? In the shot above, I’m giving the nod to MJD. He’s holding a much larger football and judging by how he’s clasping his head, Maurice genuinely looks like a man contemplating something deeply important. Brady just looks like he’s asleep and happily dreaming about talking puppies.

Tom Brady MJG GQ couch

Sure, Brady looks like a sedated investment banker stationed inside Patrick Bateman’s apartment, with his only goal being to creepily undress everyone with his eyes, but he is selling it hard. Plus, MJD forgot to wear a watch.

Tom Brady MJD GQ

Still unclear as to why Tom Brady of all people would be throwing up an “L” but he seems pretty damn sure of whatever the hell his cause is here. But some bonus points are in order for MJD, whose enormous cuffed sleeves could serve as convenient getaway wings. He also has seven cell phones in his pockets. Why? Because there’s no such thing as being too prepared.

Isn’t it refreshing to see the NFL poke a little fun at itself for a change? Actually, the more I think about it, make sure you get through this one quickly before Roger Goodell sends a cease and desist order to his own network, forcing everyone to pretend this never happened.

Video and further commentary on the photos from this steamy, sensual shoot can be found right here.

[via @NFLTotalAccess,]

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