Baseball Bettor Feels PAIN As The Last Game Of A 16-Leg Parlay Loses On An Extra Inning Walk Off

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One MLB bettor experienced ultimate pain this week as they saw the last game of a 16-leg parlay lose in extra innings. The longshot bet nearly cashed on Tuesday’s baseball slate.

Now, we’ve seen bad bets, and then we’ve seen bad beats. This is certainly the latter.

This bettor wagered on every single game of the day, including both games of a doubleheader between the Royals and White Sox. And they nearly pulled off the impossible.

Check out the bet slip here.

Between the hours of 1 PM and 10 PM, the bettor saw 15 straight matchups hit. They even successfully called a split in that doubleheader, picking the Royals to win Game 1 and the White Sox to win Game 2.

The Braves beat the Red Sox in extra innings. The Orioles, Nationals, and Rockies all pulled off upsets. Everything was going according to the plan, and the simple $5 wager would soon turn into more than $40k.

But then, pain.

MLB parlay loses on the 16th leg

The last result needed was for the Yankees, the American League’s best team, to beat the Mariners with ace Garrit Cole on the mound. Simple enough. New York entered as the favorite, holding -130 odds.

Cole did his job, tossing seven scoreless innings. Unfortunately, the bats failed.

The game went into extra innings with the score tied at 0. The action would drag on through the 13th inning, where the Mariners finally ended it with a walk off single.

I’m sure this bettor was absolutely crushed watching the M’s celebrate the big victory. Making things worse, the Yankees didn’t even record a hit in extras innings.

After nearly hitting on every game on the MLB slate, the parlay fell short.

Absolutely brutal.

But hey, if there is a bright spot, at least it gives everyone another reason to hate the Yankees.

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