Watch This Vendor Get Creamed In The Dumper By A Line Drive Foul Ball And Try Not To Picture What His ‘Cheek Looks Like

Part of me always wanted to be a roaming vendor at stadiums because you get to watch games for free, but then I realize that all-told you probably see maybe 1 hot second of action. Then, there’s also the threat of getting smoked by a line drive when you’re not looking because you’re just trying to do your job.

During the matchup between the Houston Astros and Oakland A’s, Athletics pitcher Dillon Overton delivered a breaking ball to ‘Stros batter ropes it into foul territory and nearly gets a hole-in-one. The rocket stung the ice cream vendor right in the dung factory.

[mlbvideo id=”946251183″ width=”650″ height=”364″ /]

The vendor’s reaction makes me think this isn’t the first time he’s been bitten by the leathery seam monster. He rubbed that butt like he LIKED IT. Serious BDSM in MLB.

An all-time boss move would’ve been if the vendor pulled out one of his icy cold treats and pressed it against his buttcheek. The commentators insisted the vendor get the ball as compensation for his humiliation and I’d have to agree. He could probably guilt the pitcher into autographing the ball and then selling that ‘ish on eBay for bookoo cash money. There’s definitely a perv or five interested in a butt ball.

Personally, I’d rather get charred in the arse by a foul ball then have my beer obliterated by one. If you’re trying to catch a foul ball, don’t use your food tray, lady. I mean, it’s not that hard, just ask this dad who caught a ball one-handed while holding his sleeping daughter.

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Via Fox Sports


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