MLB Unveiled New Spring Training Uniforms And Some Of These Hats Are Straight FIRE

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Major League Baseball introduced new Spring Training uniforms this afternoon and you’ll be happy to learn that some of these designs and accompanying subtle accents are absolutely sick.

The fine people over at have offered an exorbitant amount of info that covers nearly every facet of the new unis right down to the lighter weight material that will also be worn by players during the regular season, but let’s get straight to the point and take a peek at the true standouts.

I don’t give a shit who your favorite team is, some of these looks are so damn slick I’m already strongly considering buying at least two of these.

Take. My. Money.


So simple, so glorious. I’d buy this hat and I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life where I saw Blue Jays merchandise and said “Oh, I’m gonna need that.”


Again, another clean but very effective look. The Arizona state shield on the left side of the cap is a nice touch. Although I’m gonna get real picky here and say that the white button on top bothers me.


Plainly put, as there’s no need to put it any other way, the crown is amazing. This might be the winner for me.


The Dodgers are going with the script “D” and I’m pretty sure they just made a billion dollars that they most certainly do not need.


Not exactly subtle, but this will most certainly be living atop the head of nearly every rapper in the world in due time.

Additionally, the backs of the jerseys will be branded to death with a Spring Training-related jargon, including cactus trees! Not as good as Cam Newton putting the names of each of his teammates on his cleats, but pretty creative nonetheless.

New Spring Training uniforms

And as usual, the Yankees haven’t done anything interesting and will instead sport these atrocious caps featuring white on the front panel.

New Spring Training unis


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