The MLB Unveiled ‘Home Run Derby X’ And No One Can Figure Out What The Hell It Actually Is

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  • The MLB introduced ‘Home Run Derby X’ on Wednesday, which will travel the globe in an attempt to grow the game
  • No one actually knows what the hell it is
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Major League Baseball has been trying to find ways to grow the game for years.

Whether that means hitting new age ranges and demographics, or promoting the sport around the globe, the league has been trying to knock the stigma of being “an old man’s game.”

On Wednesday, the MLB unveiled an event called ‘Home Run Derby X,’ which is a traveling show that will make stops in London, Seoul, and Mexico City. Former players Nick Swisher, Geo Soto, Jonny Gomes, and Adrian Gonzalez will headline the event, which is a spin on the traditional HR Derby we’ve becoe accustomed to.

Those players were selected due to their affiliation with the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Cubs.

The road show will have a new set of rules, new ballpark dimensions, and, hopefully, an exciting final product. But the MLB’s initial release confused fans more than it did excite them.

Making things worse, the link to the event’s description was broken, resulting in a whole lot of “what did I just watch?” posts in the comments section.

Fans Confused By Home Run Derby X Teaser

Fans were left baffled by the new event’s teaser, and they let it be known with their comments.

Some wondered if this was the best way for the league to promote itself to a new generation. Many offered a different solutions like stop blacking out local games for fans or market the younger players.

Others just asked, “What is this?”

I’m still not sure they’ve gotten their answer.

Home Run Derby X appears to be a huge swing and miss for the MLB thus far.