MLB’s Proposed ‘Wet Rag’ Rule For This Season Is Generating All Sorts Of Jokes And Ridicule

MLBs Proposed Wet Rag Rule For This Season Generating Many Jokes

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Hidden among the assorted unique rules that will be in effect when Major League Baseball begins play in the 2020 season come late July is one that is generating all sorts of jokes and ridicule from both fans and players alike.

It’s being called the “wet rag” rule because, well, it involves a wet rag.

Because of the ongoing global pandemic and the fact that Major League Baseball will still be playing games as it goes on (especially in Texas where there will actually be fans in attendance – what could go possibly wrong there?), the powers that be in MLB have decided to allow pitchers to keep a wet rag in their pocket as an alternative to the constant licking of the fingers that they do in every game.

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This news about the wet rag rule for pitchers started gaining some traction when via Chris Cotillo of tweeted out MLB’s proposed rule changes for 2020.

Based on the reaction of Milwaukee Brewers lefthander Brett Anderson, the wet rag rule may not go over well with the players.

Former MLB reliever Jeff Nelson also thought the wet rag rule was more than a little absurd.

Which, naturally, because internet, led to many jokes and questions.

Now there’s a baseball league I can get behind.

The only real question I have about this proposed wet rag rule is whether or not hitters will also be able to carry one around in their pocket? Asking for a friend.

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