MMA Fan Now Has Gigantic Tattoo Of Floyd Mayweather’s Face On His Body After Losing Bet

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Conor McGregor talked such a good game that a lot of people (including me) threw a bet down on him to beat Floyd Mayweather. However, while I only lost $50, this guy lost SO MUCH MORE. He lost real estate on his body, because he now has a tattoo of Floyd Mayweather’s face on his leg.

Goddamn, that sucks. But his outlook on now having Mayweather’s face on him permanently is far more positive than I thought it would be.

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Via Larry Brown Sports:

Gregory says he was sitting around in his office with his business partner 5-6 weeks ago talking about the fight. Gregory is a big MMA fan and was so confident “in Conor’s belief that he could win,” that he was convinced to make the tattoo wager, he told Larry Brown Sports over the phone Monday.

Gregory bought into McGregor’s confidence so much that he took a straight-up wager even though McGregor was viewed as a heavy underdog entering what was his first professional boxing fight.

He doesn’t regret making a straight up bet, though he now cheerfully acknowledges that he was full of “pure bravado” and “just being an idiot with it” when he made the wager.

Hope these two crazy kids enjoy their time together.