MMA Fight Ends In 13 Seconds With Ferocious Spinning Kick To The Face

You spend hours in the gym getting your body in tip-top condition. You spend hours practicing your arm bars and axe kicks. Then the day of the big fight comes and your adrenaline is coursing through your veins. You step in the octagon and 13 seconds later your ass is on the mat and your face feels like it was hit by truck. Sadly, that’s what happened to MMA fighter Chancellor Edmonson.

Edmonson took on Mike Sheppard this past weekend and it didn’t end well for him. It only took Sheppard 13 seconds to end the fight by smashing Edmonson’s face with a vicious spinning kick.

That must really suck to have months of preparation and effort go down the shitter in a mere 13 seconds.

Hopefully Edmonson’s face looks a little better than that of UFC fighter Miatt Mitrione, who suffered perhaps the worst eye injury of all-time.