MMA Fighter Gets Choked Out So Hard He Poos All Over The Mat (Video (Of Him Pooing All Over The Mat))

Man, if you wanna see poo leak out a guy’s butt (and this video is the exact definition of poo leaking out a butt), I suggest you press play. Sure, you could get a video of poo leaking out a dude’s butt elsewhere, by Googling or something, but you’re already here, so why not watch this one?

In it, in an MMA match in West Virginia, Daniel Cooper chokes out Travis Wolford. When Travis stands up, well … plop plop plop.

For my money, the best part of the video is the 30-second mark when the ref realizes what’s going on, but you may enjoy the choking and gagging that comes later.

[Via Bloody Elbow; H/T Mr Butter Chicken]