College Football Coaches Anonymously Ranked The Most Overrated/Underrated Coaches In The NCAA

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Some people get way too much credit for only putting in a little bit of work, and others don’t get any credit for shouldering the brunt of the load. This is nothing new in life. But, I am amazed that CBS Sports college football writers Dennis Dodd, Chip Patterson and Barrett Sallee were able to get college football coaches to tell them who they think are the most overrated and underrated coaches in the NCAA today. Speaking on the condition of anonymity helps, but I’m still shocked they were able to get the coaches to speak positively/negatively about their colleagues.

When I first saw this list of the most overrated and underrated college football coaches on CBS Sports, naturally, the first thing I did was scan the list for my coach’s name (Jimbo Fisher). I didn’t see his name on there, and that makes sense because he’s given justified praise for being one of the best coaches in the game. Before I ramble too much, let’s check out the results.

First up? The most overrated coaches in college football, as chosen by fellow college football coaches:

Jim Harbaugh (Michigan): 13 percent
Nick Saban (Alabama): 9 percent
Lane Kiffin (Florida Atlantic): 9 percent
Lovie Smith (Illinois): 9 percent
Brian Kelly (Notre Dame): 4 percent
Tom Herman (Texas): 4 percent
Will Muschamp (South Carolina): 4 percent
Choose not to answer: 48 percent

I suppose you can make an argument for Harbaugh, sure, but Saban is laughable here. Sure, he’s playing with more blue chip talent than any other coach and that makes coaching easier, but that’s because as a Head Coach he’s able to bring in those recruits every single year. I think we’re looking at some sour grapes here.

Now, let’s look at the most underrated coaches in college football:

Bill Snyder (Kansas State): 24 percent
Chris Petersen (Washington): 15 percent
David Cutcliffe (Duke): 10 percent
Ken Niumatalolo (Navy): 10 percent
10 other coaches: 41 percent

Kansas State, really? Am I just not paying enough attention to what Bill Snyder’s doing with that program? If someone asked me who the most underrated coach in college football is I’m not sure I’d have a good answer, but I know that answer wouldn’t be Bill Snyder. Then again, I’m not one of his peers. I guess I’ll have to pay more attention to KSU in the future.

The coaches also gave reasons for why they think Saban and Harbaugh are the most overrated coaches in college football. They threw some heavy shade at their colleagues, so if you want to read those responses just follow that link.

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