Mountain Biking Down An Abandoned Mine Shaft Looks Perfect If You Have A Death Wish

by 2 years ago

Growing up in Florida, the concept of playing around in an abandoned mine shaft is extremely foreign to me. For starters, we don’t really have any deep mines in Florida, at least not ones that are accessible by curious kids willing to jump fences, none that I know of at least/none that were around where I grew up.

The only times I can remember seeing ‘abandoned mine shaft’ on the news was in stories where some kid got trapped, or in Thriller/Horror movies. Up until this clip from Kilian Bron I had no idea that people voluntarily went into abandoned mine shafts for fun and recreation. Maybe I’ve just been living in a bubble for my entire life, but abandoned mine shafts never struck me as awesome places to go ride mountain biking…until seeing this video.

Did they have permission to go pedal around in this abandoned mine? I have no clue, and does it really matter if they didn’t? They got in and out of there pretty f’n fast, or so it seems.

If you want to see pictures of this mine from the outside, info on where this abandoned mine is, and what went into planning a stunt like this you can CLICK HERE to head over to 26in.

If you’d prefer to watch this clip via Facebook instead of YouTube you can check it out below:

[H/T DIGG Video]

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