Multiple Tips Have Reportedly Been Called Into NBA’s ‘Snitch Hotline’ Which Has Resulted In Several Players Receiving Warnings Inside The Bubble


The NBA’s “snitch hotline” is live

Before players made their way to Orlando, the NBA revealed they were going to install an anonymous hotline to allow players to report violations inside the bubble.

Via The Athletic

If anyone on the campus sees rules being broken and worries that the actions of one individual might bring harm on the rest of them, the NBA will have an anonymous hotline available for reporting purposes. Teams “are required to report immediately to the league office any information regarding any potential or actual violation,” and “all campus participants are strongly encouraged to report any potential or actual violation.”

NBA players have been inside the bubble for about a week and apparently the “snitch hotline” has already been used several times which has resulted in multiple players being warned about protocol violations.

Of course, NBA twitter had jokes about who may have called in to snitch.