The 30 Most Badass NASCAR Paint Schemes From 1949-1989 (Part 1 Of 4-Part Series)

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8. 1987 Kodiak Rusty Wallace

In 1949, NASCAR officially began and since then it has turned stock car racing into one of the most profitable sports in the World. The idea came from prohibition in the 1930’s when drivers of illegal moonshine had to modify cars to be faster, sharper, and better overall just to be able to avoid law enforcement when necessary.

NASCAR took the idea of turning cars into modified cars into a sport that has lasted ever since.

Fans of the sport come from all over and they love to watch the races, not just for the crashes, but also for the drama of a last second finish or two drivers going at each other following a tough race. There are many things about the sport the fans love to see but the number one thing they love most, the paint schemes.

Over the years, the paint schemes and sponsorship of the cars have become the biggest part of the sport. Each year it seems that drivers have a new paint scheme for each race.

Part 1 of a 4-part series is going to cover the beginning of the sport up until 1989.

Here are the 30 best paint schemes from NASCAR’s 40 years.

30. 1985 No.1 Davey Allison, Lancaster

30. 1985 Lancaster Davey Allison

Davey Allison is one of NASCAR’s legends that died too soon.

29. 1987 No.6 Mark Martin, Stroh’s Light

29. 1987 Stroh's Light Mark Martin

Have you ever had a Stroh’s Light? It isn’t around anymore but the company was purchased back in 2000 by Pabst Brewing Company.

28. 1986 No.88 Buddy Baker, Crisco

28. 1986 Crisco Buddy Baker

This paint scheme is as funny as it is beautiful. Buddy Baker didn’t drive it for many years but when he did, it left a lasting impression along the way.

27. 1988 No.98 Ed Pimm, Sunoco

27. 1988 Sunoco Ed Pimm

When you say they are filling up a race car with Sunoco, you have won as a sponsor. Now your brand has replaced the word fuel in NASCAR. Ed Pimm drove the Sunoco No.98 back in the 80’s.

26. 1971 No.21 David Pearson Purolator

26. 1971 Purolator David Pearson

David Pearson is one of the better drivers in the history of NASCAR and he drove the No.21 Purolator for many years. He won several races in this vehicle making the paint scheme even better than it looks.

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