NASCAR Has Released A Photo Of The Noose Found In Bubba Wallace’s Garage

NASCAR Released A Photo Of The Noose Found In Bubba Wallaces Garage

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Ever since word got out that someone discovered a rope fashioned into a noose in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday, many people have been clamoring to see a photo of the actual rope.

On Thursday, NASCAR provided it.

Yep, that is most definitely a noose. And it is most definitely not how one would normaly go about tying a rope into a loop to provide a better grip.

While the fact remains that this rope was already fashioned into a noose back in 2019 (it was that way when the Menards racing team participated in the November race below), it certainly doesn’t take away the fact that Bubba Wallace’s team, probably not being aware of that fact, had an absolute right to take offense when they discovered it in the #4 garage.

As you can see from the video above, at least during last November’s races, none of the other garages where it is visible had a similar rope.

NASCAR also revealed on Thursday that none of the other garage stalls had ropes tied like a noose and that prior to the fall event at Talladega the rope in the garage Wallace used this year was not tied in that fashion.

Following the FBI report that no crime was committed and people accusing Wallace of manufacturing some sort of hoax, Wallace’s girlfriend Amanda Carter took to social media to express her support of her boyfriend in the face of allegations being made against him.

“I am so proud of you for standing up for what is right and continuing to do so without fear of the outcome. For continuing to stand faced with uncertainty and fear all with a smile on your face. I am so proud of you for using your platform. I wish the people saying hurtful comments knew you.
I wish everyone knew you.

“I hope people continue to stand with you because you’re standing for so many others…so many little boys and girls who dream of going fast but haven’t seen someone who looks like them, for all the new and old fans who felt uncomfortable coming to a race and for everyone who has experienced racism,” she continued on the post.

“I am so thankful that this was not a purposeful act, I am so thankful you are safe,” she said.