Nate Diaz Greatest Quotes: There’s Nothing Quite Like A Nate Diaz Press Conference

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UFC 244 just wasn’t Nate Diaz’s night.

Dropped in the first and second rounds after suffering a cut in the opening minutes, Diaz hung tough, scrapping back and forth with Jorge Masvidal for three rounds. Ultimately, the UFC BMF title was decided by a doctor, who called the fight in Masvidal’s favor on account of the massive gash both above and below Diaz’s right eye. The cut didn’t stop Diaz from instantly campaigning for a rematch.

“I would love to run it back,” explained Diaz at his post fight press conference. “That’s the only thing I wanna do. And that’s my intention. But I can already see the f*ckery coming.”

One of the UFC’s more colorful interviews, Diaz never minces words, not to fans, foes, UFC president Dana White, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, or President Donald Trump, and he was as blunt as ever following the UFC 244 PPV main event, explaining that “I believe I was responsible for this whole shit … I brought the President. Straight up. I didn’t see the President going to no title fights.”

Unsure if we’ll see Diaz back in the Octagon, and in front of the cameras, any time soon, it’s time to take a look back at some of Nate Diaz’s top quotes from the UFC 244 post fight press conference.

On the Masvidal Rematch:

“He deserves everything he gets. He’s a great fighter. He’s been around for a long time and right on to him … but Jorge Masvidal, I’m coming for you. That’s my plan from here on out.”
“He got the job done like he was supposed to, so right on to Jorge for what he did, but I’m coming back for your ass, motherf*cker … let me heal up and let’s go again.”

The One-Liners:

-“My eye was already shit from my last fight, and anyway you sneeze on me, I bleed.”
-“Blood don’t hurt, just in case everybody knows.”
-“The doctor played me.”
-“If you’re the baddest motherf*cker, you gonna take that as a win?”
-“Conor didn’t take the rematch. Hopefully Masvidal takes the rematch. I be taking all the rematches.”
-“I made this whole shit happen, and I would like for it to happen again.”
-“F*ck you, with all due respect.”
-“I plan on getting along with [the UFC]. I hope they plan on getting along back.”

-“I’m sure every fight that I’m gonna do from here on out is gonna be the biggest fight because I’m the realest fighter in this whole game and we’ll see if he is.”
-“It’s kind of like, gimme what the f*ck I deserve … I believe I deserve a rematch. I’ve given mine.”
-“I got unlimited record for stitches.”
-“If anything else, I’m doing rematches only that I never got back … but I would like this one.”
-“How many fights you been in, Dana?”
-“It’s better to have Nick around all the time, always.”
-“I’ve been making too many names for too many people out here.”
-“If someone else decided the fight was over, [I] don’t feel too baddest motherf*ckery about that fight.”


BMFs Don’t Pull Out

-“Right here for this fight, I’m gonna tell you what happened. I was like, I have to stop training two-and-a-half weeks ago, I just have to stop training, and I’m gonna make it to this fight. Most motherf*ckers would have pulled out … but I’m gonna make it to this fight because you know what would happen if I didn’t make it to the fight? That’d be weak. Ain’t no bad motherf*ckers pull out of fights.”
-“The second Conor McGregor fight I was f*cked … he ran for his life … he ran in the fight, and then he went off to go … I can’t be mad at him for going and making millions of dollars, that could be justified … be me as a fighter, I can’t live with that … If I got choked out on my face and then won a decision, that doesn’t justify it for me. I have to beat you and that’s just like this fight.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Picked The Wrong Side

-“F*ck “The Rock” too, man. That motherf*cker over here playing me, [I] see him over here smiling with Masvidal. Should’ve had Mike Tyson handing out a belt if anybody. I didn’t give a f*ck about no belt anyway, but he could get it too.”
-“He’s on that side, f*ck him. I’m on the west coast side. Mike Tyson should’ve been here anyway. He’s the baddest man on the planet, right? He shoulda been the one. I’m over here … you guys caught me at a bad time … “The Rock’s” cool. I like Ballers, but he picked the wrong side. He picked another side, so he could get it too. He could get his ass whooped too. Straight up. With all due respect, he could get it too.”

The Conspiracy Against Nate Diaz

-“When I beat Conor [ McGregor], like why’d they throw me back in so quick? After I fought Pettis, they throw me back in quick because maybe they were desperate for a show. Where were they gonna get the show from? They don’t got nobody to get no show. Presidents don’t come for no title fights. They come to f*cking bad motherf*cker fights.”
-“That’s what I hope we can make happen here. and I hope everybody like gets on the same page and we work together, otherwise it might be a f*ckery three year off again, just like I’ve seen, and I can already see it coming in the media.”

-“I have more fights than anybody in the UFC. Maybe there’s people with a couple more, but I would have more if I would’ve not have been off for three years if I wasn’t being f*cked from the UFC, so my plan is to tell them all ‘F*ck You’ then hopefully we get along soon, and then let’s get back at it. That’s my plan.”
-“I’m not gonna come back for no phony, making no names for people — I’ve been making names for people for years. I used to fight at 155 for years. Every person I fought, they would even talk about it and say, ‘he gets a title shot if he beats Nate.’ But that’s a weird thing to say, like he gets a title shot if he beats me? What do I get? You get number-27 again.”

The Realist Fighter In the Game

-“I think that the people can understand that … when I spitted that I wanted the Masvidal fight … even the people who are too big to talk about the fighters … superstars and shit, they saw it and they could feel it too. That’s what drove the President here. That’s what drove anybody that watched.”
-“I see superstars all the time and I find out they know me and they like me, and give me shouts out and shit because as long as they’ve been superstars … 15 years ago they wasn’t even superstars yet. They was watching me on TV fighting people so they see. And that’s what I believe brings all the attention. They could hear and they could feel the real.”

Don’t Give Nate Diaz Your Baby Pity

“This is a f*cking fight game … I hate when people be holding babies and shit telling everybody … those babies don’t need to be watching no fight. It ain’t got nothing to do with it. I don’t want no baby pity either … they don’t need to know about none of that shit. This is war.”