The Nationals Executed The Franchise’s (And Possibly The League’s) First Ever 3-3-5 Triple Play Last Night

I’m a closet Nats fan. As someone who was born and raised in New Jersey, it’s pretty much expected that I’m a Yankees or Mets fan. Plus, as a Giants fan, really easy to lump all the Washington teams under one umbrella of “fuck them” alongside the Redskins. But I find it hard to hate the Nats. I like Bryce Harper. They don’t do anything to make me actively hate them. They’re just a general easy team to root for. So I’m kind of into this play. For a few reasons. 1) I don’t mind seeing the Nationals succeed. 2) Apparently, it’s the first 3-3-5 triple play in league history. 3) Fuck San Francisco.

Dusty Baker had a few thoughts about the play after the game.