Navy Plans To Deliver Keenan Reynolds Via Helicopter If He’s Invited To Heisman Ceremony

Should Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds get an invite to the Heisman Trophy ceremony, he will make it to the storied event by hopping on a helicopter after the Army-Navy game in Philly, and zipping on over to New York City, just as Kobe Bryant and Donald Trump drew it up.

As you might imagine, Navy already has this planned out to the very last detail. A) Because it’s the fucking Navy and B) Because they’ve been backing their boy’s Heisman candidacy for weeks, making some serious, rightful noise over the past few days in particular:

Two helicopters would take a party of nine people, including Reynolds and his family, for about a 30-minute flight to New York, where a landing pad is 1.3 miles from the site of the ceremony. A car would be waiting to quickly take him to the ESPN show.

With the Army-Navy game taking place at 3:15pm ET, the timing and logistics almost bring a WWE feel to the situation. Check out Navy athletic director, Chet Gladchuk:

“How dramatic would it be if he walks in even when the show is under way? He comes walking down with his Navy blues on. ‘Excuse me, fellas. Sorry I’m late,’ and he sits down.”

Wow. How could ESPN possibly resist such unusual dramatics? I can already see the “Where’s Keenan Cam” taking up half the screen leading up to his highly anticipated arrival. And this is precisely the type of thing that would garner interest from people who would otherwise most definitely not be watching the trophy presentation. Just think about those raaaaaaaatings.

Feels like a no-brainer. So make it happen, ESPN experts. Go ahead and add Keenan Reynolds to that holier than thou Heisman poll of yours so we can get this shit rolllin’.

[H/T CBS Sports]