Keenan Reynolds Was Stiff-Armed From ESPN’s ‘Heisman House’ Voting Because ESPN Is Being ESPN

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Yesterday afternoon, Navy football asked — and rightfully so — why Keenan Reynolds was no longer listed on ESPN’s ‘Heisman House’ fan voting. Yes, fan voting. That means FANS casting votes based on who they feel should win for the sake of, I don’t know, perhaps having a little harmless fun?

I’m guessing that was also the intention Nissan had in mind when they partnered with ESPN to create the platform. Fans doing fan-like things because there are a shitload of college football fans who routinely eat this kind of crap up. Strangely, though, it turns out the reason Keenan Reynolds is no longer listed as a featured name despite his lead in the fan vote is because his name does not reside on this list, compiled by ESPN experts.

ESPN Keenan Reynolds fan vote

But of course. Way to make it about the fans by not making it about the fans at all, and instead angering the very people happily clicking away on your stupid digital voting machine. This was such an easy thing not to fuck up, yet somehow they fucked it up.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, Reynolds is still holding serve on the leaderboard.

ESPN Heisman House leaderboard Keenan Reynolds

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