‘NBA 2K18’ Now Has A HUGE Kyrie Irving Problem On Their Hands, Twitter Has Solutions… Sort Of

nba 2k18 kyrie irving cover

NBA 2K18, Instagram

Boston fans aren’t the only ones upset with the trade of Kyrie Irving to the Celtics. The trade also has caused a teeny, tiny little issue for the folks over at NBA 2K18.

You see, NBA 2K18 is all set to drop on September 19th boasting all kinds of killer new features and graphics like this…

The problem is, Kyrie Irving is on the game’s cover this year.

You can see how this might be an issue, right?

Fixing the other key player in the trade, Isaiah Thomas, is not a problem, as they have already taken care of that…


Whoops, indeed.

Naturally, Twitter had solutions. Not good ones, but at least they tried. Sort of.

Actually, that last one is pretty solid.

Is there an NBA 2K18 Curse?

At least the Raptors don’t have any plans to trade DeMar DeRozan anytime soon, right?