NBA Execs Around The League Believe ‘Shadow Owner’ Linda Rambis Is Secretly Running The LA Lakers Behind The Scenes

Linda Rambis Is Reportedly Secretly Running The Lakers

Last week many NBA fans found it strange when it was reported that a Lakers contingent consisting of Kurt Rambis and Linda Rambis to meet with Sixers assistant Monty Williams about the Lakers head coaching job.

NBA insider Ric Bucher would later report that Linda Rambis, a lifelong friend of Jeanie Buss, has been secretly running the Lakers behind the scenes.

Amin Elhassan and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN have both gone on to confirm Bucher’s report on Rambis.

Amin Elhassan

Via Yahoo Sports

ome agents and GMs around the league have dubbed her the shadow owner of the Lakers, that everything goes through Linda Rambis, and if you want to convince Jeanie of something, you’ve got to get Linda first.

Ramona Shelburne

The fact that people talk about that now is funny to me, because it’s been that way, really, for 40 years. They have been best friends. And personality-wise, if you know them, it sort of makes sense. Jeanie can be shy. Linda is more of a talker. She’s more of a doer. The difference is, in the past, her role has been more as a consigliere or an events person whereas, right now, there’s a lot more dealing with agents.

It seems like everyone is shocked to learn Rambis is secretly running the team which can’t bode well for LeBron and co.

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