NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Responds To LeBron James Calling All-Star Game A ‘Slap In The Face’ To Players

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver has issued his response to LeBron James criticizing the league for holding the All-Star game this weekend.

Last month, LeBron told reporters that he had “zero energy” and felt playing the All-Star game in the middle of a pandemic was a “slap in the face” to players.

During his yearly press conference on Saturday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver responded to LeBron’s slap in the face comment by saying he wished the Lakers superstar had worked things out “in the family.”

Silver went on to say that the NBA is justified playing in a pandemic because they were to operate in a mini bubble in Atlanta.

The message within the NBA community is that we’re going to be operating in a mini bubble,” Silver said in an interview with ESPN on Wednesday. “There will be no NBA functions [for fans] to participate in. We appreciate their support and hope they’ll watch our All-Star Game on television … this is a television-only event in Atlanta.”