NBA Considering Another Major Rule Change To Prevent Flopping

NBA challenge ref

Getty Image / Nic Antaya

The basketball world got some big news yesterday as it was reported that the NBA was considering a big rule change.

The league is looking at assessing technical fouls for flopping during games.

It appears the league might not be done there as they are taking a look at another potential rule change that will likely be welcomed by fans.

According to NBA insider Chris Haynes, the league is in serious discussions to give a second challenge to teams when they are successful with their first challenge and the new rule could even be tested during the Summer League.

The NBA has needed more than one challenge for a while now because there are numerous occasions throughout the game where the refs make mistakes.

It has never made sense that teams need to hold onto their challenge for key situations that may never come just because they only have one available to them.

Now you may see some more egregious calls challenged earlier in games in moments that could be big for the momentum of the game.

There’s also another reason that this is a great move for the NBA that isn’t related to the actual game.

The potential for an extra challenge means that we shouldn’t have to listen to analysts remind us game after game that coaches should only challenge to take points off the board or to keep a star out of foul trouble.

Over the course of this year’s NBA playoffs, I’ve lost count of how many times that has been said.

Now coaches won’t have to be so limited and may be able to get an extra call fixed for their team in every game.

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