NBA Makes Official Statement In Response To Mavericks Game Protest Back In March

NBA team owner Mark Cuban

Getty Image / Tim Heitman

Back on March 22, the Dallas Mavericks lost to the Golden State Warriors by two points.

However, there was a mishap where it appeared Dallas was defending the wrong side of the court. It looked like a total blunder for the Mavericks.

After that game, Mark Cuban claimed that NBA officials handled the entire situation wrong. For that reason, he filed a game protest to the league.

Now, the NBA finally responds.

According to Shams Charania, the league has denied Cuban’s protest. The game result from that March 22 contest will hold.

The NBA Communications team provided an official statement from the league.

It’s been a really rough go for the Mavericks lately. Nothing seems to be going right as they find themselves on the outside looking in on the playoffs.

And now the NBA denying the game protest back in March is just the cherry on top of this team’s downfall.

NBA fans couldn’t help but share their reactions to the league’s final decision.

Pretty much.

Warriors fans are certainly pleased.

The Los Angeles Lakers always get called out in these situations.

Plenty of NBA fans feel the league favors the Warriors anyway.

Mavs fans might explode if this happens.

There are still several games left in the regular season. At this point, Dallas is a bit of a long shot to make the playoffs.

But considering they’re tied for the 10th seed, there’s still a chance for them to participate in the NBA’s play-in tournament.