The NBA Announces They Are Currently In Talks With Walt Disney Corporation About Holding Games At Their Orlando Sports Complex In Late July

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It appears that the NBA is putting a concrete plan in place to resume the NBA season in July.

On Saturday afternoon, the NBA released a statement to announce they were currently holding “exploratory conversations” with Disney about holding games in their Orlando sports complex in late July.

The NBA is also currently exploring what format they want to use to restart the season.

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Advance directly to playoffs: (16 teams, four rounds, best-of-seven series) with postseason teams based on standings as of March 12
— A “Playoffs Plus” option: Expanding the number of teams with the opportunity to play, either through holding a play-in tournament to determine the final seed(s) in playoffs, to be played by “bubble teams” or replacing the first round of the playoffs with a group stage.
— If “Playoffs Plus” — how many teams should return to play: 18, 20, 22 or 24?
— Resume regular season with all 30 teams: All teams plays same number of games.
— Resume regular season with all 30 teams, plus play-in: All teams play same number of games, followed by play-in tournament for the final seed(s) and traditional playoffs.
— “Playoffs Plus” play-in format options: Play-in tournament featuring bubble teams for 8th seed; play-in tournament for 7th and 8th seed; or group stage that replaces first round of playoffs and all participating in groups (each team plays two games against each group opponent and top two teams from each group advances to traditional second round).

Adam Silver says he probably won’t make a definitive decision until but things are looking optimistic for the NBA to resume their season sooner than later.

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