This Creepy ‘NBA Face Merge’ Instagram Account Is Just Straight-Up Nightmare Fuel

NBA Face Merge, Instagram

We’ve seen a lot of very, uh, unique Instagram accounts over the years. From the Rich Kids of Vietnam to dads trolling their daughters to the “Meme Lord” who has been hilariously trolling Dan Bilzerian for over a year there is no shortage of people using Instagram as a repository of weirdness and creativity.

That being said, today as I was perusing some celebrity Instagram accounts for our daily look at the lifestyles of the rich and famous, I stumbled upon O’Shea Jackson, Jr.’s page and my day was immediately wrecked.

Why? Because Jackson must have also been perusing Instagram and stumbled across an account called “NBA Face Merge” which is exactly what it sounds like. Someone out there has taken it upon himself to merge many, and I mean MANY, different NBA stars’ faces with one another to create what I like to refer to as pure nightmare fuel.

Those two “face merges” you see above were a couple that Jackson thought were “the best.” Although this next one below is the one where he called the “NBA Face Merge” Instagram account, “the scariest page on ig.”

Seriously. That’s going to haunt my dreams tonight.

Here are even more that will definitely give you the willies…

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