NBA Mascot Earns 3x More Money Than Highest Paid WNBA Player And People Are Pissed

Some people are not happy to learn that an NBA mascot is making a ton more money than the highest-paid WNBA players.

Earlier this week, a graphic from showing the highest-paid NBA mascots went viral.

According to Boardroom, Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky makes $625k a year.

Considering the average salary for a WNBA player is 102,751 dollars, and the league’s highest-paid player Diana Taurasi makes #$228,000, people weren’t happy with the wage disparity between WNBA players and an NBA mascot.

“The pay gap between mascots and elite female athletes tells you everything you need to know about how the sports industry values women.”

“As much as I love Rocky from the Denver Nuggets and other mascots, this is ridiculous.”

“You know how much it sucks to realize the world thinks you don’t deserve anything because you’re a woman?”

“In case anyone is wondering why we’re salty about the pay in the WNBA. (And MLS, and women’s sports in general.)”

Some fans defended Rocky over his pay.

“the best mascots are extremely athletic and talented. they do a ton of work. they’re usually responsible for all of their social content too. it’s not just putting on a mask and dancing.

just pay women fairly. can we just pay people fairly without taking other peoples work down.”

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