LeBron And Other NBA Players React To Carmelo Anthony Signing With The Portland Trail Blazers

Rich Barnes/Getty Images

It seems like just yesterday I was sure that Carmelo Anthony had about as much of a shot of making an NBA roster as Ben Simmons making two consecutive threes.

Especially after last month’s damning report by ESPN’s Baxter Holmes claiming sources inside the Rockets organization all came to the the conclusion that Melo “just can’t play NBA defense anymore.” Or Stephen Jackson claiming NBA teams received a mass text saying ‘Don’t fuck with Carmelo.’

Well, if Jared Dudley can still fill an NBA roster, anything is possible. And Carmelo Anthony has officially been signed by the Portland Trail Blazers to help jumpstart a sluggish 4-8 start to the season.

While we hear the “Melo is better than 60 percent of the NBA” tagline relentlessly, it remains to be seen if the 35-year-old is willing to accept a diminished role in pursuit of team goals.

But that’s shit that Terry Stotts and his staff will have to deal with. Let’s all just rejoice at the fact that Melo is back in the NBA and whether he excels or crashes and burns, it will undoubtedly make the NBA season that much more juicy.

While everyone seems to be happy Melo has gotten another chance, it’s a damn crying shame Colin Kaepernick is still not on an NBA roster.

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