NBA Getting Mocked For Social Distancing ‘Timeout Chairs’ It Plans To Use During Games

NBA Social Distancing Timeout Chairs Getting Mocked By Fans

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As every NBA fan is well aware, the league is attempting to take every precaution to prevent the spread of infection within their basketball community as it gets set to resume games down in Orlando.

From not allowing players and staff to leave the “bubble” (and if they do, putting them under quarantine when they return) to constructing a barber shop from the ground up to making sure everyone is tested (which has so far yielded zero positive results) the NBA has come up with some very unique ways to keep everyone involved safe.

The NBA’s latest announced innovation, however, is getting roasted by fans because, well, it seems kind of pointless and stupid.

On Tuesday, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that the league will be instituting “Timeout Chairs” during games.

What are “Timeout Chairs” you ask?

No, they are not where players will be sent to “think about what they’ve done” when they misbehave.

They are going to be movable chairs placed on the court so players and coaches can huddle so all players currently in the game will be apart from bench during time outs, which will then be cleaned and disinfected by team staff at end of each timeout.

What exactly is the point of doing this I again hear you asking?

I really do not know.

The players are being tested every day, coaches and trainers will be wearing masks, and, ummm… stuff like this…

NBA Social Distancing Timeout Chairs Getting Mocked By Fans

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…is going to happen on a very regular basis throughout each game.

Needless to say, fans were more than a little perplexed by this particular safety measure.

Pretty sure that’s not true.

Also… players may climb all over one another to get a rebound, but absolutely NO DOUBLES PING PONG! (Seriously, that’s not allowed.)

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