An NBA Strength Trainer Put A Plump BroBible Editor Through An NBA Workout And Ya, Vomit Was Spewed

We recently sat down with Denver Nuggets legendary Head Strength Coach, Steve Hess. Steve has over two decades of experience in the NBA and is widely considered one of the best in the world. The dude is a treasure trove of information about diet, strength training, discipline, and motivation. We asked him about specific NBA players he’s trained, namely J.R. Smith who apparently is a superhuman athlete, as well as picked his brain for tips about self-motivating and staying/getting fit. You can check out the interview here. It’s good stuff.

But then I made the mistake of asking Steve if he’d put me through an NBA workout, and continued my poor string of decisions by requesting it be filmed. Mind you, I canceled my gym membership for the summer and the closest thing I’ve gotten to a workout in the past three months has been running from the subway to my apartment when I felt a poop coming on. I wasn’t prepared to see myself on camera. I know the camera adds ten pounds but I legit look like the Pillsbury Dough boy in a Shawn Kemp jersey.

Regardless, I puked a few times and had to work from home the next day, so I’m pretty sure I’m good until Christmas.

Gotta give big ups to my man Steve for embarking on a truly fruitless endeavor in training me. Follow the fitness legend on Twitter here and Instagram here. The dude is a trip.

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