Fans Are Laughing At The Farcical Job Description Of NCAA President After The Opening Was Posted Online

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NCAA President Mark Emmert announced his plans to step away from the position following the end of the 2022-23 academic year. Emmert has been in the role since 2010. Prior, he worked in similar roles at LSU and the University of Washington.

The President steps down during a time of uncertainty in college athletics. NIL has completely changed the landscape of NCAA sports with players now able to benefit monetarily off their successes, though the unstrict boundaries surrounding that new change have made it seem more like the Wild, Wild West in many aspects.

Emmert’s tenure is defined by controversy. Not only are those NIL issues now leading to things like tampering, but the punishments for offenders differ wildly depending on if you’re a blue blood or not. Hell, the South Carolina football team saw harsher punishment for “impermissible cookie cake icing” that UNC did for creating fake classes for three decades.

But, hey, that’s college sports.

As the NCAA continues to look more and more like the pro model, with the transfer portal offering a sense of free agency, NIL seeming more like pay for play, conference realignment discontinuing regional rivalries, and TV deals giving schools more money than ever before, many have been critical of the future of the NCAA.

Will there be a future?

Many believe the Power Five conferences will eventually break away to form their own league where university presidents and conference commissioners rule.

That might leave the NCAA to oversee the Group of Five, Division II, and Division III.

But so long as there is an NCAA to govern, a president will be needed. And with Emmert stepping down, his successor will soon be named.

A job description for the president role has now been posted online as the NCAA is beginning to take resumes. Many college sports fans are laughing at some of the job requirements listed in the advertisement.

Fans laugh at NCAA President job description

College sports fans are laughing at the farcical NCAA President job description posted online. Some of the language seems to be the opposite of what the governing body has been practicing over the last few years

Most obvious was the requirement to have “experience in well-run organizations” which many believe contradicts what we’ve seen from the NCAA under Emmert.

Another poster noted the line of “setting the tone, spurring enthusiasm, challenging current wisdom, and supporting the team” saying, “Don’t worry, they finally are going to get someone to address the real issues facing the NCAA.”

This tweet pretty much sums the four-page application.

Personally, I liked that the application led with academics, ethics, and morals, which seem to be the last things major college sports programs are concerned with at the moment.

The NCAA will have the next few months to find its replacement. Think you’re qualified?

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