Lane Kiffin Takes Advantage Of New Recruiting Rule To Hype Up Arch Manning’s First Playoff Game

Lane Kiffin Arch Manning Isidore Newman Playoff Game

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  • Lane Kiffin is already taking advantage of new recruiting rules.
  • The rules, relaxing restrictions on coaches, allowed Kiffin to hype up Arch Manning before visiting him in New Orleans.
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The NCAA recently changed its recruiting rules and Lane Kiffin is already taking advantage. In an attempt to modernize Division I’s antiquated rules, new guidelines are giving coaches more leeway and removing unnecessary restrictions.

Here are the five major changes:

  • OLD RULE: Group messages including multiple prospects violates the restriction on publicity by providing information about one prospect to others.
    • NEW RULE: permits group messages between coaches and multiple prospects.
  • OLD RULE: media entities cannot be present during a recruiting contact with a prospect who has already signed with a program.
    • NEW RULE: Media can be present after commitment.
  • OLD RULE: Athletics staff may not endorse non-institutional publications, recruiting services, non-institutional athletic events, or a prospect’s team, coach or facility.
    • NEW RULE: Eliminates restriction on endorsements.
  • OLD RULE: Schools are limited in how they can advertise their own athletic events to the local community.
    • NEW RULE: Eliminates restrictions on recruiting advertisements.
  • OLD RULE: Coaches and support staff must follow specific regulations in order to send video/audio recruiting materials to a prospect.
    • NEW RULE: Eliminates restrictions on video/audio materials.

These changes do a few things, but two important takeaways stand out. First of all, now that restrictions have been lifted on video/audio materials, as well as how a program can promote prospects, media staffs are going to become increasingly important.

If a program does not dumping a lot more money into its video and graphic teams after these changes, it will fall behind. Recruiting materials are about to take a big step into the future.

The second change revolves around coaches. In this case, Kiffin.

The old rule that limited how athletic staff can promote non-institutional events, etc., restricted a lot of little things for no reason. For example, previously, a coach could not congratulate a prospect on winning a state championship, or being named valedictorian. Things of that nature.

Now, they can. And Kiffin was among the first to take advantage of it with a very important recruit.

The head coach of Ole Miss football is in heavy pursuit of Arch Manning. He has already made quite a few pitches to the son of Cooper and nephew of Peyton and Eli.

And he’s not done yet. Because of the changes, Kiffin was able to tweet that he will be attending Arch’s first playoff game in New Orleans on Friday night.

Prior to the rule change, this would be considered a violation. It is not longer.