The NCAA Provides Women With New Weight Room After Backlash And People Still Think It’s A lot Smaller Than The Men’s Weight Room


The NCAA found themselves in hot water this week when people compared the women’s minuscule weight room to the men’s massive workout facility for this year’s NCAA tournament

Oregon’s Sedona Prince posted a video tour of the non-existent weight room that exploded on social media and caused a national uproar.

On Saturday, the NCAA revealed the upgraded weight room for the women’s March Madness bubble after NCAA vice president for basketball Dan Gavitt apologized for “dropping the ball.”


“I apologize to women’s basketball student-athletes, to the coaches, to the women’s basketball committee for dropping the ball, frankly, on the weight-room issue in San Antonio. We’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.”

People still felt the women’s weight room was much smaller than men’s despite the upgrades.