Scott Frost Was So Bad That Nebraska Spent An Extra $7.5M to Fire Him Before October

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Scott Frost’s time in Nebraska is officially through. The Cornhuskers head coach was fired following the team’s 45-42 loss to Georgia Southern over the weekend, dropping his squad to 1-2 on the season.

Nebraska also lost to Northwestern to open the year in Ireland.

A few questionable head coaching decisions led to that loss in Dublin, which had many fans chirping about how hot Frost’s seat was getting. The loss to Georgia Southern was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

Frost ends his career at Nebraska with a 16-31 overall record. He failed to post a winning season in any of his four-plus campaigns. That performance was apparently so bad that the Cornhuskers decided to pay twice his potential buyout by firing him before October.

Nebraska paid Scott Frost an extra $7.5M to fire him early

Apparently, the loss to Georgia Southern was so embarrassing that the program decided to fire him less than three weeks before his reported buyout would’ve been cut in half.

With Nebraska firing Frost on Sunday, they owe the former head coach $15M. Had they waited until October 1st, the buyout would’ve been decreased to $7.5M.

Fans and media were quick to react.

College football insider Bruce Feldman said, “The timing of Scott Frost being fired is stunning from this standpoint: His buyout was to drop from $15 million to $7.5 million Oct. 1 but obviously things were not going well there at all.”

To give someone an extra $7.5M to not do their job just shows how bad things have gotten at Nebraska. At this point, the season appears to be a wash. Waiting three weeks, even if you’d already made the decision, seems like the smarter financial choice.

But the embarrassment in Lincoln was obviously too much to wait it out.

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