Nebraska Fan’s Extremely Hilarious, Very NSFW Rant After Losing To Minnesota Goes Viral

Nebraska Minnesota Loss Fan Rant

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  • Nebraska football is not in a good place.
  • Just as fans thought that the program might be turning it around, it lost on the road to Minnesota behind a bad first half.
  • After the game, one Cornhusker fan and writer gave an all-time rant.
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There is no fandom quite like that of college football. The passion, the emotion and the (many times) agony are things you simply cannot find in another sport.

Generations of grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren rally around their alma maters and the generational devotion to a program is unmatched. College football is simply the best.

However, with some of the highest highs can come some of the lowest lows. Jon Johnston may have experienced a sensation closer to the latter after Nebraska football lost to Minnesota on Saturday.

Johnston, a Cornhuskers fan, was on the field for his team’s loss to the Golden Gophers. Although this season did not get off to a great start for his program, things had been looking slightly up.

Head coach Scott Frost’s program had a recent 50+ point win over Northwestern and three losses to top-10 Oklahoma, Michigan State and Michigan were all within a touchdown. There was hope that Nebraska had turned the corner— especially as it turned focus toward a Minnesota team that lost to Bowling Green.

Well, any hope was lost after the Cornhuskers fell behind 21-9 at halftime. They did mount a comeback in the second half and lost by only seven, but it didn’t matter.

After the loss, Johnston — who works for SB Nation’s Nebraska affiliate blog Corn Nation — posted an epic rant from the field. It is very NSFW, but it is full of tremendous soundbites.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • “It’s 30-23…my wife texts me, and said ‘What’s your plan?’ And honestly, my plan is to walk in front of a f***ing bus.”
  • “We are more giving then Saints, Santa Claus… I don’t know what to do with that.”
  • “The first half of this game for Nebraska, it was like eating a bucket of feedlot s**t, with the gravel and everything in it. It was a terrible first half.”
  • “Are we an abusive relationship? Because, it’s like ‘yeah he’s really mean and nasty and he f**ks things up, but the sex is really great when we get it.'”
  • “Honest to god, in the first half — I’m not making this up — at one point I thought ‘I’m just gonna go in, take my camera gear off, and quit all of this s**t, because it’s really hard to take. And I was just going to take all my clothes off and just leave the stadium.”

And then, of course, there is how Johnston finished the rant:

  • “There’s no hope. F**k everything, go Big Red.”

Take a listen to the full postgame reaction, it’s amazing: